Local Rules

  • Local Rules


    1. All holes are measure from the center of the green to the center of the tee box.

    2. Red Marker = 100yards white Marker= 150 yards, Blue Marker = 200 yards.


    1.Beyound out of bounds stakes, (mostly marked or mentioned)

    2. Any vehicular road and concrete drain boardering a road.

    3. There are out of bounds markers on holes 2,3,9,13,14,17, & 18.


    1 There are water hazards on holes 1,2,4,7,10,16,17 & 18.

    2. When a player's ball enters a water hazard the ball may be dropped behind the water hazard, maintaining the line to the hole or in marked drop zone for a penalty stroke.


    1. When a ball rest in furrow demarcating the fairway (rough line), it may be lifed and dropped within one club length not nearer the hole.

    2. When the rough line interferes with a players stance, the ball may be dropped at the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole

    3. On the fairway in play, the ball may be placed with the hand within ONE GRIP'S LENGTH only. and not nearer the hole from where it came to rest and without building a tee. The ball before being lifted shall be marked at actual position.

    4. Newly planted areas and sapling, which are marked on the course are decleared "Ground Under Rapairs (GUR). A ball coming to rest in such an area may be lifted and dropped at the nearest point of relief

    5. A ball coming to rest on a completely bare patch on a fairway in play, may be lifted and dropped not nearer the hole. if thereis no grass within two club lengths from where the ball rests the player must drop the ball backwards to the nearest grass and keeping the original line to the hole. In all case the relief is to be approved by the marker or fellow competitor.(See exceptions below)

    6. A ball coming to rest on fairway not in play must be played as it lies. i.e. NO PREFERRED LIE IS PERMITTED.