Frequent Questions

  • Please explain the difference between the Full Golf and Limited Golf options

    On payment of an additional subscription, broken down into full golf and limited golf options, members are given a reduction in green fees.

    The full golf and limited golf option remains standard for all members at 75% of the base subscription for full golf option and 61% for limited golf. The full golf option allows you to use the golf course at any time at a greens fee rate of R155 per 18 holes. The limited golf option allows members to play golf at a greens fee rate of R155 during our off peak times and R250 during our peak times per 18 holes. Our peak times are Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and the whole day Saturday. If you do not take the golfing option you can still play golf at a greens fee rate of R250 per 18 holes.

    A member may elect to take up or drop the golf option on renewal of their annual subscription, unless otherwise stipulated by the Board or if a golf waiting list is implemented.

  • Am I able to change my class of Membership?

    If a member wishes to change to a class of membership with a higher entrance fee and subscription, they will be obliged to pay the difference between the entrance fees and subscription at that time for the relevant classes of membership.  Any changes in membership class need to be received in writing by 31 December of each year.

  • What is the policy with regard to resignation of Membership?

    A member is required to give written notice of their resignation before the 31st December, for the following year.

  • Should I wish to reinstatement my Membership after resigning, will I have to pay an entrance fee?

    If the individual was resigned in good standing, they are only required to pay a prorated subscription equivalent to the number of months remaining in the years in addition to the reinstatement fee.

    If their membership was ceased due to non payment of subscription, they are required to pay any fees that were due at the time of membership being ceased, plus the full subscription for the year they reinstate as well as the reinstatement fee.