Celebrity Golf Club is pleased to inform you that in accordance with its Constitution at the last Emergency General Meeting held on June 25th,2016 elected New Executive Committee to run the affairs of the Club for the next 2 years.


The New Executives are as follows:

  1. Captain                                                                      Mr.Mark Peverett
  2. Vice Captain                                                              Mr.John Fiam-Coblavie
  3. Lady Captain                                                             Mrs.Helen Appah
  4. Club Secretary                                                         Mr. Roland Aronsen
  5. Treasurer                                                                  Dr. Emmanuel Dormon
  6. Competition Secretary                                             Miss Catherine Boateng
  7. Committee Member                                                 Mr.Andrew Wilson
  8. Committee Member                                                              Mr.Francis Quartey
  9. Committee Member                                                  Mr. Benjamin Robert Cudjoe
  10. Committee Member                                                              Mr. Steve Shum

The New Executives look forward to working with you.


Thank you.